Infant Seat versus Convertible Seat

So the only technical thing I really have to have (other than diapers) is a car seat. Turns out they won’t let you take the kid home without one… unless I guess I walked home or caught the bus (yes my husband has already pointed out both of these as options).  So my debate has been buy 1 car seat now that the kiddo grows out of in a year, or a convertible seat that can turn around to be used when they’re big.

Pros of Infant
  1. When they sleep you can pop ’em in and out of the car no problem
  2. No need for a stroller, just lug the kid in that and set it down in the corner
  3. Get kiddo ready in the house, and pop ’em in the car lickity split
  4. Switch kiddo from your car to your friends car, no problem
  5. Bring the car seat to grocery store or to the restaurant, you have hands!
  6. They support smaller babies and infants better than a convertible
  1. I have to buy two car seats (which is more $$$)
  2. I can’t get the Combi Zeus seat (to be blogged about below)
  3. I have to take my car seat in and out of the car
  4. I want to “baby wear” so I don’t know how often I’ll cart my kid in the car seat
  5. Young babies are at risk for collapsed airways if you leave them in a car seat and they slump over
Why I think I’m going with convertible
  • I’m gonna be a “baby wearer” and throw the kiddo in a sling, so for the most part my hands will be free
  • Grocery shopping … I don’t normally buy big ticket heavy items so should be an issue with baby wearing
  • Restaurants . . . the sling might suck . . . maybe we’ll take in for the first 6 months till I can booster seat the kiddo.. still working this one out in my head
  • I would rather train my child to go back to sleep after I take them out of the car seat now, versus when they’re forward facing and I have to sit in the car and read a book because I’m afraid to wake them… so why put off the inevitable

So I THINK I want a convertible, now the question is WHAT convertible. It needs to last a long time, and safely hold my kid. I’m leaning towards the “coolness” factor of the Zeus, but am swayed by the fear that my kid may be fat like his daddy was when he was a kid.

The Zeus!

The Zeus
  • Only goes to 40lbs.. so I risk my kid getting big and outgrowing it, and rear facing is only 30lbs
  • I can swivel the seat on the base for easy in and out access
  • It has a puzzle buckle– that means I have to hold the top two and insert.. could REALLY suck… but maybe I’m talented
  • Latch system… but my car isn’t center LATCH, so I can’t use LATCH when we put the seat CENTER
  • It’s not FAA approved. . . but really do you people actually have the ability to keep your kid latched in for the 4 hour flight to Hawaii????! if so I want to meet you.
  • It kinda takes up a lot of real estate
  • Supposedly the buckle design and location of buckle release mechanism made it very easy for this 3 year old child to unbuckle himself per this  MUCH more detailed review
  • It’s heavy so moving it is a pain, if you have to transfer to someone else’s car.
The Corocco

I could also go with the Corocco, the Combi’s not twisty-turny other car seat.  It’s convertible too, looks VERY similar to the Zeus, except it doesn’t have the big “turny” base so is only 11 lbs.  Same weight limit issues, same puzzle buckle issues, but much tinier, and is FAA approved.  Perhaps I don’t need the nifty fancy turny car seat??? The Corrocco, supposedly is so small you can fit three of them across the rear of a car, so it takes up very little room.

Then again.. if we have more kids, then the new kid can go into this one, and the other kid if he’s a fatty can get the new heavier car seat.    I think at 40lbs you can put your kid in a booster seat if they’re 3 in California, so maybe it’s all moot too right?  There is also the Britax and  the Graco MyRide that I could consider as well.  I’m so tired my head is spinning.  All I know is I don’t want an infant car seat.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do yet, I’m sure the hubby and $$ will have a say.


3 thoughts on “Infant Seat versus Convertible Seat

  1. Um, that was intense.

    Also, Moby Wraps are better than slings (say my baby-wearing mom friends). I’ll get you one for your baby shower. Sorry I ruined the surprise.


  2. Lots to think about….
    Sorry to break it to you but rarely do they fall back asleep if they wake up while taking them out of the seat.
    I never took Merrick in his car seat to the grocery store either but I was happy to have the infant car seat. They are so tiny at the beginning I don’t know if their little necks could handle the big seat. I also worry about the weight limit on the Zeus, you never know how quickly they will grow.
    I just bought a forward facing seat for half the price, brand new in the box off of Craigslist. Plus my next child will just recycle all of these again.
    Good luck shopping!
    Oh, tell Ryan that I don’t think the hospital will even let you walk or take the bus without a seat…I think you have to have one no matter what.


  3. I had both to choose from because Nicks grandma liked a convertible better than the one I registered for (which came with my stroller). I am happy that I used the infant because now that I have a 15 month old (who is now in the convertible front facing) with a baby to be born in a month I would need to get another one anyways. So, if you are worried about the money (which I know Ryan always is) you will probably end up spending it anyways. There are pros and cons to both.


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