Mormon dating

So I stumbled (not really – I know one of the guys involved in the production of the show, so watched it) upon the Mormon Bachelorette (now the LDS Bachelorette), I totally threw up repeatedly in my brain.

I’m not a nice Mormon girl, I’m a mean one in case anyone is wondering.  I’m pretty opinionated and sarcastic, I totally hate the WHOLE Mormon dating culture.  I use the word Mormon over LDS, as I tend to differentiate the two.  LDS is a religion, Mormon is the culture you get out of Utah and surrounding territories.

To be fair, this show is a reality dating show. All of those reality dating shows involve lame-o date ideas.  But man-oh-man I cannot handle this show, and yet I watch it like a train wreck.  It is sooo full of everything I disliked about the dating scene.  My religion, God, my eternal family are things I don’t bring out in my first date, I find it kind of insincere. Thus, I hate the part of the show when guys drop little things like that.

I also really hate the whole “creative dating” thing. I had a roommate who was into it and drug us on a few before I just boycotted it. I kind of look at it like those really dumb things you did when you were in high school that you thought was really cool, but in reality was sooo lame and cheesy that you don’t even want to own up to ever doing it or thinking it was cool. See, while all reality dating shows do this, I can’t help but have flashbacks to high school “creative dating”.  Based on this show, one would think ALL dates in the Mormon culture are like a reality dating show!

And if I have to hear “promptings” or “impressions” I will shoot my self in the face.

I don’t think there are really people like this, I try to remember like all reality TV… it’s not really real. Hoping the new Season with the LDS name, will focus less on the aforementioned “Mormon” cultural nuances, but then maybe it won’t be as guilty of a pleasure to watch.



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