The Holidaze

I think this year has been the best and the worst of Christmas in one little bundle.  I got the beauty of a white Christmas.  Seriously, can this photo of my kid’s not get more Norman Rockwell?  Also, I’m not sure what drugs my kids were fed (I hear there were threats made), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an angelic smile on them..and with good posture too.  It’s insanity.


Lest you think I’m done talking about how amazing my kids are, please see below video.  With all of the snow (which I hate), my oldest was able to hit the slopes.  This would be what is called a prodigy 😉 Or he’s 5, and his center of balance and distance to ground when falling is much much better than mine.  Either way, I can see he’s bound for the snow.


I’d love to also say every one of you got a precious Christmas Card from me. But they still sit, unlabeled, unstuffed on my crap craft table.  oh well, there is always next year!… err.. this year.


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